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Moto test


The Kite Mag’s Ultimate Test Guide 2019 has crowned the Cabrinha Moto best in the category Allrounder Kites.  The Contra wins in the Lightwind Category.  “Great low end with a big sweet spot if things get windier, the Contra also has exceptionally responsive bar feedback for a lightwind kite.”


Team Rider Brett Sheerin Takes Inspirational Sarah Foley Out For A Kite

Adventure Sports Maui’s team rider Brett Sheerin (Maui True North) takes inspirational Sarah Foley (of www.VerticalBlonde.com) out for a tandem kite. Sarah Foley is a T4 complete paraplegic, with a complete zest for life! Sarah is truly the most stoked passenger and a true inspiration.  Sarah is a writer and speaker with a passion for inspiring […]