Windsurfing – Intermediate Lessons

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Maui’s tradewinds provide the fun and challenge of shortboard sailing. These boards are smaller, faster, and more maneuverable than longboards, but they demand some new skills.

Too small and tippy to uphaul?  Waterstarting is the ticket to riding a shortboard. Level 3 waterstart lessons teach the basics and the finer points of efficient waterstarting, so you can use your energy for sailing.

Higher wind means more force in the sail, and higher board speed. Save your arm strength by learning to use your harness in level 4 shortboard sailing lessons. Level 4 lessons also teach you foot steering at planing speed, and an efficient stance so your body weight and position work for you instead of against you.

Learning to jibe a shortboard gives you substantially more sailing time. Level 5 jibe lessons break the skills down into a series of steps to be mastered in sequence.

Intermediate Lessons
Discover Windsurfing (includes equipment)Time: 2.5 hrs$125.00
Advanced Beginner (includes equipment)Time: 2.5hrs$125.00
Private Lessons - All Levels (Beginner equipment included only)Time: 2 hrs min$125/hr
Private lesson package (equipment not included)Time: 6hrs over 2 or 3 days$575.00
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