Windsurfing – Beginner Lessons

Product Description

The skills learned in longboard sailing form the foundation for all windsurfing. Big boards and small sails will have you sailing out and back on your first lesson. Their stability lets you learn new skills quickly.

Level 1 is an introductory lesson, where you learn how to steer the board, control power in the sail, and turn around. There are many skills to learn after your first lesson. Tacking, jibing, and sailing upwind are essential to proficient sailing, and level 2 longboard lessons provide the opportunity to learn and solidify them.

When you can stay upwind and easily sail back to your starting point, you’re ready to move on to shortboard sailing.

Beginner Lessons
Discover Windsurfing (includes equipment)Time: 2.5hrs$125.00
Advanced Beginner (includes equipment)Time: 2.5hrs$125.00
Private Lessons - (Beginner equipment included)Time: 2 hrs (min)$125/hr
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